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The first thing to do is to trick a person into playing the game.

Jiggle Ball is a game of which hospital interns play. It consists of drawing a circle with an x inside for a person to stand on.

The person in the circle must start on the x and not exit the circle at any time.

A line must be drawn a suitable distance away from the circle. Many people can throw tennis balls at that one person. It can be any amount of people, so from 1 to 1000 if aplicable.

A closer line is the death line, used only if a ball, rebounding after hitting the person in the circle, is caught behind the start line the balls were origionall thrown from. The person who caught the ball gets to throw it from the death line at the person in the circle, inflicting more pain to the unlucky target.
-Hey Oli, want to play jiggle ball? Tom, Josh and lots of other people are playing also.

-Jiggle me in.

by Renard August 10, 2006

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