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>Blammo! An Extending Boxing Glove. The accordian expandable weapon that has become a cliché comedy gag.
> "(>.<)* ( )0xxxxxx
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
>Interchangalbly Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, or Leonardo from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Workin' with color fonts would be a mondo notion, bud.
( |:| | ) "Cowabunga!"
by Ren_Ludwig March 14, 2008
>Sideshow Bob from "The Simpsons". ASCII art Bart would hastely describe as distasteful + terrifying.
VV\'u'/VV "Rakes! My old arch enemy." _Sideshow Bob
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
>Lurky from "Rainbow Brite". Murky's clumbsy, yet lovable lackey.
z'U'z "I Love Pretty Colors."
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
>Fry from the unbelievably hilarious and brillant "Futurama"
>"Space. It seems to go on and on forver. But then you get to the end and the gorilla starts throwing barrels at you." _Philip J. Fry M 8't
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
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