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A deluded creature, normally seen in red, originating from Merseyside. They are known to smell, shag their own Mothers and luckily gain access to European Competitions. Kopites are known as Gobshites. A Kopite. In direct contrast with the Mighty Blues, Everton.
Look at that kopite fucking ones Mother
by Ren Ball September 01, 2005
To Do-A-Cahill, is to, whilst playing football, sneak into the box numerous times in a season and leap higher than everyone else to bury header after header, on route to European Qualification. Originates from Tim Cahill during 04/05 Premiership Campaign
And the 3 foot six runt ghosts in the box to "do-a-Cahill" and beat the 7'6 giant in the air before thundering a header into the top corner.
by Ren Ball September 01, 2005
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