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3 definitions by Remus Lupin's god-daughter

An amazingly sexy Marauder, who is also known as Padfoot. Even in death he is much sexier than you.
You disagree? Two words mate. Flying. Motorbike.

I would.
Sirius Black, the most perfect fictional male character ever created.
by Remus Lupin's God-daughter June 27, 2009
230 19
A rather down-on-his-luck werewolf.
JK disappointed me hugely by killing off him and Dora, somehow I don't think she made many friends doing that. He is often paired with Sirius Black in the world of fandom, but it's so likely, it may as well be canon.
Remus Lupin's scars just make him sexier!
by Remus Lupin's god-daughter June 26, 2009
94 12
A whiny teenager that's stupid enough to let a vampire fall in love with her, then fuck her and make her pregnant with his freaky spawn. I mean, how the hell can he have sperm if his body is frozen in time!
Bella Cullen/Swan is the main female character in the Twilight saga.
by Remus Lupin's god-daughter June 26, 2009
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