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Being fisted while having the fister administer a delicate yank.
That atomic reacharound landed my ass in the ER.
by Remover November 13, 2003
Gathering spot for homosexual males.
I.E Parks, Rest Stops ( after dark ).
I pulled into the rest stop and was immediately horrified. I was sure it was a sausage farm from the thick odor of feces and semen.
by Remover October 06, 2003
A special blend of Jalepenos, milk and LSD puree'd and administered by way of enema.
That spicy rudy made me see the ghost of Sid Caesar pumping a microwaved cantelope. Then I shit myself...
by Remover November 13, 2003
1)Condition created from the consumption of excess alcohol resulting in temporary impotence.
2)Condition created from seeing extremely fat or ugly women resulting in temporary impotence.

When I saw her face it was total bucklecock, dood!
by Remover October 03, 2003
Pompous, online, gamer lacking in both talent and modesty. Usually found whining most of the time rather than working on improving skills. Hated by all.
That jaggov, Lannister, is a fuck all douchebag, that plane camps.
by Remover October 06, 2003
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