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1. An area north of Fuschia City in the original Pokemon games where strapping young lads wandered in search of some of the rarest Pokemon in all of Johto.

2. More commonly used to refer to a bar, or other place, where horny men go to pick up drunk sluts.
Adrian: "I'm going all Safari Zone, y'all try to roll?"
Thomas: "No... I don't have any confidence in myself."
Adrian: "What's the deal?"
Thomas: "Dude, I just have this really tiny penis."
Adrian: "Yeah shit mane, can't try to roll with no four-inch chode tryin' to do none... Out, negro."
Thomas: "Word."
by Reman "Sidepiece" Johnsons October 28, 2009
A potentially painful condition in which a male, often wearing boxers or no underwear, is walking or jogging and the testicles and/or flaccid penis repeatedly slaps against the inner thighs.
Jogger Chad: "Dude... ok, I gotta take a break here..."
Jogger Michael: "Aw, man come on... we got three miles to go."
Jogger Chad: "Dude... fucking got pendulum penis going on right now, k? Gimme a freaking break."
Jogger Michael: "For Christ's sake, you said that two minutes ago."
Jogger Chad: "Fuck off! I thought I had the testies of Papa Smurf last time I tried to tough it out... couldn't beat off for two days."
by Reman "Sidepiece" Johnsons October 28, 2009

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