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1. Acronym for "Supreme Court Republicans of the United States"; based on similar acronyms for Supreme Court of the United States SCOTUS and President of the United States POTUS.

2. Masculine form of the Latin adjective meaning "of or like a scrotum."
Antonin Scalia is a SCROTUS.
by REM November 15, 2004
The first woman over 40 that I fucked
Like a fine wine, Lucka’s Mom can only get better with age.
by Rem October 05, 2003
The region betwixt one's scrotum and anus that prevents one from defecating on one's testicles.

Name for someone who you really really despise
Man my dilback is itching, it might could use a little gold-bond.

That guy likes to front like he's a pimp but hes really just a dilback.
by Rem March 29, 2005
1. the substance that builds up in your armpit after months of not washing.
also may refer to any substance associated to that excreted by the body, human or otherwise.
"John how many times must i tell you to take a bath; i mean look dear there is gooey flishk running down your arms. "
by Rem October 31, 2003
1.When a person spontaneously turns in side out while straining at a stool.

2. When a child is born with only one excretal opening (archaic)

3. Used to describe the excretion of a carsidradated child (slang)

1. Poor old man Jackson was found in the men’s restroom in the process of carsidradation but there was nothing anyone could do to stop his eventual slow, painful, bloody death.

2.Your poor baby suffers from carsidradation; it’s a boy though, a see the partial development of a penis. yep everything comes out of this right here mam.

3. You heathen, don’t you carsidradate on my flower bed.
by Rem October 30, 2003
A rectangular cube, a psychotic cow, or a derogatory slang word pertaining the penis and anal sex.
"Get your rectalcube away from me."
by Rem December 06, 2003
1. The act of being cool without knowing it.
2. Being slow to understand situations because of terminal brain damage due to a high-heel stuck in the forehead.
3. Having a grotesque appendage sticking out of the side of your plardinsink.
4. Of or relating to the plardinsink.
5. and so on in that order....
"You are so plardinsinkid," she told the boy in her high speaking manor. " You understand nothing of the plardinsink and are an illiterate fool."
The boy was pronounced dead after he glanced down at his plardinsink and saw the large plardinsinkid hanging off the side of it.
by Rem November 06, 2003

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