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A word that came into meaning when Black people decided to take power away from the word Nigger. Because they can't stop people from saying it. This is why Black people can get mad when white people use it because we took White man's word and made it ours.

Nigger is offensive but nigga can be taken as an offensive term when a white person uses it with a nigga they don't know and when "my' or whaddup isn't used in front of it.

Also describes a stupid black person.

Used by a black person to threaten a black person
Whaddup nigga

My nigga

Diss nigga (followed by a shaking of the head).

Whachu lookin at nigga!
#nigger #black #brotha #homie #boy
by Rellz August 29, 2006
a wack ass kid is someone whom is born wack
my boyfriend Ralphie is a wack ass kid!
by rellz November 28, 2015
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