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The real name for Richmond, VA. Poormond is the Capital of Virginia. It is filled with poverty, uneducated rednecks, men who are assholes, virtually no nightlife, and high quality drugs, particularly heroin and crack cocaine.
Let's go to Poormond, VA and score some dope!
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
The second coming is here! Jesus is back in the form of Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5!! We are saved!!
Jesus is back bitches!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
The zombie apocalypse has begun. Actually it began many years ago, it has just been progressing rather slowly as far as apocalypses go.

The leaders and perpetrators of the inevitable zombie apocalypse are creatures referred to as "psychiatrists". These individuals have medical degrees and legally prescribe people drugs that turn them into zombies. They get away with this by claiming these drugs help conditions such as depression and schizophrenia, when in fact all they do is cause people to have no emotions and give people an intense urge to consume human brains orally.

Whether or not the psychiatrists themselves are zombies is open for debate. They may just be paid by the zombiefied government to spread the good zombie word.
The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse has begun.
by Rellik Uzi September 11, 2010
God, as in our almighty lord, is a Canadian named Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5). He is God in human form, and listening to his music puts one in a state of religious ecstasy. This state of holy ecstasy can me increased to an orgasmic level by also consuming the drug Ecstasy.
deadmau5 is God!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
The capital of the United States. Named because it's a dirty city in need of a TON of WASHING. The "DC" then obviously stands for "Dirty City".

Washington, DC is probably best known for it's vibrant ghettos where top of the line crack is sold and consumed on a daily basis.
Let's go to Washington, DC to score some crack tonight! oh yea!
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
1) A delicious juicy fruit with a fuzzy peel and a large pit in the middle.

2) A metaphor for anything that looks good, or appears alright on the outside or to the casual observer (the fuzzy and juicy part of the peach) but something that has things going terribly wrong beneath the surface (the large pit inside the peach).
The government is like a peach: everything seems copacetic to the average American, but in fact the government is filled with corruption, greed, and lack of any sort of morality or ethics.
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
A commonly prescribed anti-depressant medication that has the unfortunate side effect of turning users into zombies. If you take Zoloft and have noticed any of the following symptoms DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact your doctor:

An obsession with brains, a lack of brain function, a lack of emotions, an increased desire to eat unusual foods, a bizarre urge to rip open people's skulls and consume their brains, a sudden change in appearance where you begin to look hideous and monster-like, or any other symptom you find unpleasant.

These could be signs the Zoloft is turning you into a zombie. Discontinuing taking the medication usually reverses this side effect, provided your psychiatrist can advise you to stop taking the drug before you de-brain him.
Ever since I started taking Zoloft I have found human brains to be positively delicious!
by Rellik Uzi September 10, 2010

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