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"Mreh" is the sound you make when you are either hit with a heavy object, under a lot of stress, or nervous.
"Mreh! I can't take this anymore!"
by Rekki May 21, 2005
Okay, first off, anime is by far not "little kid animation" as some of the afformentioned definitions of Wapenese describe. Anime is in fact of higher quality than American animation, and contains notably 1) a plot; 2)a soundtrack that can be enjoyed; 3)character shading. Just because it is animated doesn't make it crap, f00.

While Wapanese kiddos are generally social outcast who are fat, pimply, and greesy (oh, and think hentai is sexually stimulating), there are people interested in Japan or anime who are in fact, not Wapanese. Wapanese is what Wapanese people call "otaku," which is an incorrect definition of the word (otaku means house).
Anyhow, a Wapanese is in fact a white kid who thinks that he is Japanese, or follows a majority of these traits:

1. Believes that he or she will marry a very hot Japanese man or woman.

2. Cosplays, ie. dresses as an anime character.

3. Pays money to go to an Anime Convention.

4 Uses Japanese words or phrases in internet speak or everyday life, even though he or she can't understand, read, or whatever Japanese.

5. Believe that they aren't white, but in fact, are. (Um...okay)
by Rekki May 17, 2005
Anime, while meaning both foreign and domestic animation in Japan, is used by Europeans and Americans to distinguish specifically animation from Japan.

There is a general belief that anime consists of bright colors, big eyes, and scantily clad woman, yet that is typically only the case of older anime (and craptastic American comics). However, there is no exact one style of anime. Each artistic has his or her own inique style (anime is generally drawn first as a manga and then turned in to an animation).

Anime has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Many people, especially of the late 1980s have seen the artistic beauty of anime. While your art teacher may debate this, ask them if they can draw a good "anime-style" drawing. Also, such movies as Spirited Away, have even won oscars for their creative genius and novel music.

In short, while there are nerds who watch anime, there are also nerds who watch football. Anime is not something that should be considered nerdy, but rather an alternative creative outlet (or genre) in the film industry. Also, anime ranges from PG to R and macabre horror.
Some classic anime series include - "Record of the Lodoss War," "Sailor Moon," and "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

Newer popular series include - "Naruto," "Scrapped Princess," and "Haibane Renmei."

Popular movies include - the works of Hayao Miyazaki, "Metropolis," and "Voices from a Distant Star."
by Rekki May 17, 2005

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