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She is an AWESOME girl! Totally unique, and OMG, is so awesome! Guys want her and the girls wanna be her, that's how awesome she is! The world would fall apart without her. She's pretty much a better, female version of Chuck Norris. Yes, she's that awesome.
Girl 1: Oh my gawd, look, it's Kharma

Girl 2: Oh, gawd, look at her, she looks so stupid *In her mind: Oh my gawd, I wanna so be her*

Boy 1: Yeah, she thinks she's so cool *In his mind: I want her so badly!*

Girl 1: Ugh, I'm leaving!

Girl 2: I know, she's too cool to be near her

Girl 1: What?

Girl 2: Nothing

Boy 1: You are SO right
by Reina Belinda Dark September 05, 2008
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