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3 definitions by Reiko Sesshippouru

Obligatory evil laugh, used often in internet forums and in conversations with roleplayers. Also used in informal RPGs.
Reiko sneered at her nemesis. "...and there's nothing you can do about it! Mwahahaha!"
by Reiko Sesshippouru October 26, 2004
The most annoying Japanese VA this side of... well... Japan (if you travel east from Japan long enough, you'll end up back at Japan, for the record). High, squeaky voice, usually plays the voice of supporting characters.
Naru from BSSM and Pixy Misa from MSPS are both played by Rumi Kasahara.
by Reiko Sesshippouru October 27, 2004
An overzealous, annoying PC user, especially a Mac-hater. Literally, PC retard.
Kuroshi: DEATH TO MACS!!!111!oneone!eleven1
Me: You are such a PCtard.
by Reiko Sesshippouru March 30, 2006