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Opposite of Dench.

Something you say when you go for pre-drinks but don't make it out. "Mate, I saw you last night - you were completely frimponged!"

When you lost a fight or other competitive sport.

Another word to explicitly describe Aiden Gregory.
"Stay dench or get frimponged"

Mate, I was going for a left hook on this dude, but his mate got me first and then I got frimponged.

"Did you see the United, Arsenal game?"
"No, but I hear Arsenal got frimponged!"
by Rehabilitated Bloke February 24, 2013
A place Justin Beiber got (mentally) kicked out of. First he was bared from Manchester's Sankeys, and then he fought a camera man. Lucky for Justin his bodyguards prevented him getting frimponged by putting him into his baby-seat in the back of the car Justin was using to get about the UK.
Canadian: "Where did Justin Bieber get kicked out of again?"
British Person: "It was Britain, HAR HAR"
by Rehabilitated Bloke March 10, 2013
Sober Bender.

Just like a bender, but the participant is sober. Usually sober benders are undertaken by regular drug users who have realized that they are showing signs of addiction. In such a situation, the individual may decided to spend a period of time going cold-turkey. In addition to going cold-turkey, sober benders involve the user also attending various club nights out, often more than they would have previously done while taking drugs.

Those who undertake sober benders often find they have an excess of money due to their zero consumption of alcohol or other substances. Hence they may go on more nights out, more expensive nights out, or spend shit-loads of money on vinyl.
Harry: Hey Carl last night I decided to give the mandy a knock on the head for a while.

Carl: What's wrong with you Harry, you love the white rocks?!

Harry: Not anymore Carl I'm on a sober bender.

Sam: I went sober-bender once. I quite enjoyed it. Then I did loads of coke and died.
by Rehabilitated Bloke May 08, 2014
Subgenre of house music (or techno) which combines both house and techno vibes to create a truly unruly sound never before encountered in human history.

A lot of people seem to like tech house for it's ability to cause you to move in new and imaginative ways like you have never experienced before. Additional side effects of even short term listening include potential gurning, even whilst sober.

See also: house music techno warehouse big room acid
Ed: "Mate, check out this new tech house record I bought - it's truly unruly!"
Justin: "A true instabag!"
Tommy: "Siiiick!"
Anthony: "Yeah man that's proper mint. Listen to dem vibesss"
by Rehabilitated Bloke May 06, 2015

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