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Alexander: A noun mostly used as a name. People named Alexander tend to be very immature, hilarious, and rude person. Yet he's the best thing to ever happen to you. He's got a charm, and love affect, and even though he doesn't seem like it at first. He'll sweep you of your feet in seconds, but would drop you at any minute. He'll always want to be your number one, and make you feel as amazing as you can; when he's in the right mood. No ones the same, but every Alexander is. He'd do anything for anyone, and tends to give amazing hugs. He loves kissing, rough and soft, and is even more amazing in bed. His curiosity and surprises will blow you away. He'll make you want more and more of him every time you're with him.
"Hey did you know Alexander made her cum in 5 seconds?"
"I heard Alexander say some really mean things."
"Alexander is the cutest thing ever."
by RegularlyInsane April 09, 2013

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