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Rock music's last hope. The true saviors of music in the modern day, no matter what anyone says. Each and every one of their albums will change your perspective in their own unique way.
The Queens of the Stone Age are so badass, if only(haha) there were other bands to equal their magnitude in the field of badassness.

Check RegularJohn out on soulseek for your qotsa boot needs.
by Regular John August 14, 2004
Something you can do for good grades, if they're that important to you. Only reason to do it is because school wants you to suffer in life if you choose to do things differently, by giving you bad grades for people to judge everything about you by. Another way for them to make sure every child who comes out of there shit ass schools is yet another robot, product of the american dream.
The school system needs to be changed, don't ask me how, it does.

Mrs. Robert's homework can eat my ass, in fact so can she.
by Regular John August 17, 2004
The greatest tool every created. The key is not to intake it at parties, but encourage every one else to drink freely. This way, your clear and sober mind will quickly become surrounded by drunk idiots, and you can take advantage of each and every one of them. If you're an ugly dude, no worries, a little alcohol will totally change a girls view on you. Same goes for girls, if you give a guy a couple of brews, he will hit anything that moves.
There is a difference between refraining from drinking and being the designated driver, the latter being the equivalent of being the party's bitch.

Hey man, stop smoking that reefer and have some alochol, the choice of champions.
by Regular John June 13, 2004
Lame alternative to alcohol.
Ah man this reefer is some heavy shit, if only it were legal
by Regular John June 26, 2004
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