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Ugly, worthless cum-guzzler who has nothing better to do than sit at his computer and uselessly attempt to insult the Elitist, who has brought more life to this website than the aforementioned gas station employee could ever bring.
I defecated all over jc2kandthedaterapecrew's dad this morning.
by Reggin May 31, 2004
Confused ass who seems to think that everyone, including "yanks" (who says that anyway?), wants to be Irish.
Beef hallion: "You wanna be Irish don't you?"
Me: "Uh, guess it might be fun for a day to see what it feels like to be obnoxious and short."
Beef hallion: "You have to be born there, bloke!"
Me: "Oh, that's too bad."
by Reggin May 31, 2004
Confused, ugly student whose delusions have led him/her to believe that Georgia Tech is THE best school in the southeastern region of the nation.
Complete fucking idiot.
by Reggin May 31, 2004
One of the most brilliant and intellectually stimulating films ever produced. Will Ferrell's acting here makes Ghandi look like a child pornographer.
If you think Old School was a stupid and vulgar movie, then you have no sense of humor and most likely a double-digit IQ.
by Reggin May 31, 2004
Annoying faggot who thinks he's doing everyone a favor by spouting weak-ass insults at the Elitist.
"pan" bags groceries at the grocery store - someday maybe he can move up to cashier.
by Reggin May 31, 2004
Curry-smelling fucktard who has nothing better to do than sit at his computer and try to bash the Elitist (failing miserably).
Oh, I know bangladesh-militia - yeah, he smells awful.
by Reggin May 31, 2004
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