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1. A style of dress that incorporates a sense of style with classic punk rock ethics.
2. A style of music made popular by the DC area rock band known as The Ashwins. This music is often influenced by the "punk" movements of the 1970's and '80's, as well as the "Pop-Punk" movement of the late 1990's and the third wave revival of ska music. Members of Prepcore bands often sport a classically clean look, with more of a raw edge.
3. An attitude which conveys a sense of self-worth, often combined with a rejection of social norms. those who sport this attitude often take great pride in the way they dress, in an effort to show that a clean cut appearance and "punk" ideals do not always cancel eachother out.
"Have you heard that new prepcore band from Bethesda? They're off the chain!"
by Reggie Fantastic October 26, 2005

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