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The term “Main Line” comes from the R5 line that runs through three counties from outside of Philadelphia, running parallel to Rt. 30. Many stereotypes about the ML are true, to a certain extent. It is a generally affluent and posh area mostly populated with Catholics, not WASP’s or Jewish families. There is a good amount of "old money”, but many people are able to afford such privileged living because of their jobs in Philadelphia or as entrepreneurs because of the popularity of the area. The ML also contains numerous very expensive High Schools, such as The Haverford School, Malvern Prep, and Agnes Irwin, whose tuition is over $20,000 per year. Teenagers do not commonly drive sports cars wearing collared shirts and board shorts. While the cost of living in the ML is high, the style of living is relatively normative, except for Radnor Township, the most expensive, very conservative, and least diverse area that would not suit any non Irish-Catholic family. Nowhere near every resident of the ML belongs to Country Club or owns a summer home in Avalon (think about it, that's way too many people). I am as "Main Line" as it geographically (I can hear the R5 train from my house), and I cannot attest to these stereotypes: I don’t belong to a Country Club or own a beach house or rent in Avalon; my family owns two Hondas and I wear sweatpants mostly. My neighborhood is religiously, politically, and racially diverse and most people could fit in perfectly.
I live in the Main Line. I take the R5 into work every day. I am married with three children who go to Malvern. I own two cars and I am an Irish Catholic from Bryn Mawr.
by Regg92 February 21, 2010

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