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A "flea's runway" refers to a hair parting, particularly one that runs central to the head. The fashion for greasy slicked down hair with a central parting has diminished and the term is not heard as much now as thirty years ago.
Linda was disappointed because George had not been to the hairdresser she had suggested. He still sported the long sideburns, greased down hair and flea's runway that she had complained of.
by Reg Acton October 15, 2006
A rare word, unlikely to be ever encountered, and only ever used in West London as far as I know. It is a term for an unsavoury woman who has an obsession with male underwear.
After forgetting to bring in his underpants from the washing line, Claude was disturbed in the night by a woma.
by Reg Acton October 15, 2006

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