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This is very similar to a Rage Quit, but more destructive, and usually caused by fighting Seth in Street Fighter IV, where upon the players controller is launched through the air into the nearest wall.

The Wall Hadouken is largely performed by Xbox360 owners who suffer with the worlds Worst D-Pad in existence.

An undeniably awesome event of pure rage would be made more hilarious should the enraged player actually yell 'Hadouken' when performing the act.

Down - Down Right - Right + Hard Punch
I cannot play Street Fighter IV anymore. I Wall Hadoukened my only controller last night.
by Reeou February 27, 2009
This is the Ultra Combo version of the Wall Hadouken, and can be chained nicely with the Xbox360 Dragon Punch in extreme cases

Down - Down Right - Right - Down - Down Right - Right + 3x Punch
I cannot play Street Fighter IV anymore, i did a Perfect Ultra Finish by doing a Light 360 Dragon Punch, into a TV Hadouken
by Reeou February 27, 2009
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