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AC/DC's first album with singer Brian Johnson. A great album, yes, but also the most overrated album ever. The song itself is overplayed, as are the following
Have A Drink On Me
You Shook Me (All Night Long)
Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
Scene kids also think it's "cool" to wear a Back In Black shirt, and know absolutely nothing else about the band.
wut t3h h3ll am i sayin? back in black is t3h best0rz album evaaaaar hxc!!!

#ac/dc #you shook me all night long #have a drink on me #back #black
by REDWHITEnCrue25 February 17, 2006
One who appreciates and listens to metal music. Stereotyped as being bad asses with long hair, smelling like shit, wearing either a leather or a torn up jean jacket, leather pants or torn up jeans, cross (satinic or non) necklaces, and studded wristbands and belts. If you are a poseur metalhead, this is your attire. Poseur metalheads also listen to new shit such as KoRn, Godsmack, Atreyu, Slipknot, or Lamb Of God. These 'metal' genres might as well be categorized as 'shitmetal', seeing as that is what it all is-heaping piles of shit. Real metalheads listen to metal from the 80s such as Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, etc.
Poseur: Dude, that new System Of A Down CD is pure metal! Too bad you listen to Motley Crue. You're missing out!
Metalhead: Your boot is un...buckled.
Poseur: Woah, thanks!
(as he goes down to buckle his boot, metalhead knees him in the face and laughs)
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 27, 2005
Bad Ass front man, but Sammy Hagar owns his ass in singing ability. The Van Halen albums with him on it are better than Hagar's, but he is still an egotistical, selfish stupid jew.
"The perfect woman has an IQ of 150, wants to make love until 4:00 in the morning, then turns into a pizza."
-David Lee Roth
by Redwhitencrue25 July 01, 2005
A very good heavy metal band from the early '90s, yet they are also one of the two bands (along with Nirvana) that destroyed '80s metal such as Mötley Crüe, Poison, and even Metallica. Pantera introduced a much more dark and heavy type of metal to the public than they were used to. This later spawned many subgenres of metal such as death metal, dark metal, and goth metal. Each and every one of these genres sucks, because this is one of those things where the first one is the best one.
Music was great before, and even during the early Pantera days, now the mainstream music scene is all whining emo kids, wannabe rappers, suicidal goths, and screaming ass holes who have no clue what real music is, and I blame you, Pantera.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 27, 2005
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