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Rather good 80's glam metal band, fronted by Tom Keifer (the funniest last name ever). They are synonymous with Poison, because they both kick equal ass!
Nobody's Fool, Gypsy Road, Shake Me, Don't Know What You've Got ('Till It's Gone)! Cinderella kicks ass!
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 21, 2005
A great song. Period. The band itself, Bowling For Soup, isn't that good, but this song kicks ass. Unfortunately, 98% of high school kids who like this song don't even understand it. Just look at the deffinition with the lyrics! Guerenteed they don't even know who Whitesnake is, what they mean by Gameshows on the radio, and have never seen 'Breakfast Club'. THEY EVEN GOT THE LYRICS WRONG! 'She walked out to WAM"!?!? No, you dumbass, it's 'She ROCKED out to WHAM', an 80's pop group. And the creme de la crap, one thing that pisses me off more than anything else is this, 'When did Montley Crew become classic rock?' MONTLEY CREW!!!???!!!??? The moral of the story is, if you don't know shit about the decade, then don't pretend you understand the song.
Urban dictionary now requires you to use the word in the example, so here it is: 1985
by REDWHITEnCrue25 September 02, 2005
1. To brutally seize the existance of a being. Brutally. (Kill, Murder, Massacre, Slay, Butcher)
2. An 80's 'metal' band that brutally seized the existance of the genre. Brutally. (Pussies, Poseurs, Asswipes, losers)
Did you hear!? REDWHITEnCrue25 slaughtered every single member of Slaughter! F in A!
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 24, 2005
One more reason that MTV needs to be shot down. 12 "unsuspecting" kids being brought into a bullshit stereotype "70's style" abode. Not everyone wore short shorts, polyester, brown plaid, or listened to disco.
DIPSHITS! Ever hear of KISS, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Cream, or Judas Priest? They ain't disco. Why don't you have the contestants dance to "Detroit Rock City" or "You Really Got Me" instead of "the Hustle"? God, MTV. I shall kill you in your sleep.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 21, 2005
Influential 80's Concept Rock/Metal band that was fronted by the best vocalist alive- Geoff Tate. Their best song by FAR is "Jet City Woman" off the album "Empire"-their best album.
Judas Priest and Queensryche are on tour now and if you are into seeing 2 fat bald dudes who can sing nonetheless perform, this is the concert to go to!
by Redwhitencrue25 July 01, 2005
Punch line to the greatest joke EVER! Combination of "elephant" and "rhino". Pronounced "hell if I know".
Grandpa Joe: What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?
Me: I don't know. What DO you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If that were any funnier, it would have to be banned by the FCC like anything else that's funny!
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 21, 2005
God damn it. Before I say this, I'll have you know that I'm an 80's metalhead. In the 80's, such rappers as Public Enemy, Run D.M.C, and LLCoolJ graced the rap scene. Nowadays, such shit such as 50 Cent, JayZ, and 2pac (who, even after his death, somehow manages to release albums) attacks the charts with the pasteurized shit they call music.
Rap was an alright form of music in the 80s, until people such as 50 Cent, even after they are no longer on the street and dirt poor, still sing about it. What the hell?

See, also, shit dick
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 21, 2005
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