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2 definitions by Redneck Guy

Used in common phrases by rednecks/ white trash. It means to be madder than a wet hen, and when a hen gets wet; it gets really mad. The term cannot be said the way it looks though. You have to break it up all redneck like. Such as the example.
Jim: Whats up buddy?

You: Man, im madderd n a wet hen! (madder than a wet hen)
by Redneck Guy June 13, 2010
Most commonly used in the act of "frog giggin". This stands for frog fishing in redneck/ white trash terms. The amount of people giggin doesnt matter, the more people, the more frog legs. Easily accomplished by using a stick.
Jim: hey bob you wanna go giggin?

Bob: Hell yeah Jimmy, let me get my stick!

Jim: Alright, ill get the budweiser.
by Redneck Guy June 13, 2010