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michael jordans number when he played for the bulls
this is a code alert, my truck rim size the number on jordans shirt 23's go to work
by RedmaN April 01, 2005
Any handgun that uses the caliber .45 ACP. See also four-pound.
Reggie yelled "throw me the pound" so I grabbed the .45 and threw it to him
by RedmaN November 29, 2004
1. Stoner slang for a bong or waterpipe.
2. Stoner slang for a fat shit!
1. "Swing us the borrence, old mate."
2. "OOOh, I gotta snap a fat borrence, man!"
by Redman July 04, 2003
A fatass Colombian nerd who thinks he is a gangsta because he hangs out with drug dealers and a ladies' man cuz he goes to bars and gets rejected
Oh wow, Heatholder just made another unfunny thread
by RedmaN October 06, 2004
The most insane motherfucker on the planet, the most rugged killah north of the border.
Swiftly Killin Asshole Lames Everyday
by RedmaN October 06, 2004
Roswell Style, as in Jay and Silent Bob-means cool, out there, crazy shit.
The monkey from the movie is a supermnonkey. He might take over the fuckin world- Roswell Style
by Redman May 27, 2003
drexel hill trashs turf especially mul
st dots is a huge piece of trash
by redman April 04, 2005

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