14 definitions by RedmaN

Hot girls with nice bodys who know how to toke and not choke.
Them cape girls are chill.
by redman January 01, 2004
The act of running or avoiding the authorities while high on marijuana or a cannabis product.
With the Red Blue flashing down the road, the fled like stoner lightning
by Redman April 26, 2005
A soft fat fag that rocks nothing but polos
Scarface is a fat bitch that cries when people insult him on the net
by RedmaN October 06, 2004
..a person who is acting stupid, or is geekin like no other, or has said sumthing stupid... or is drunk.
tard... *fell down the stairs n hurt his head*
other person:"wonder why we call you tard."
by redman January 01, 2004
The bitches with the dough.
Cape Girls got the hook ups.
by redman January 01, 2004
Method man's alias. see: meth
"Funk Doc and Tical are the shit!" (BLACKOUT!!!!)
by Redman July 04, 2003
a dead piece of shit actor. his best role was not in Juice, but him playing a gangsta rapper. amazing how many people bought his performance when he clearly aint nothin but a bitch. his lyrics are fuckin wack, his rapping puts me to sleep.
stop dickriding 2pac u fuckin faggots
by RedmaN March 30, 2005

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