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The day that was dreamed of when all the swaggers,saggers, and their duck face girlfriends were killed.
I had a dream last night and I killed all the swaggers, saggers , and their duck face girlfriends. It was called the yolocaust.
by redeye May 29, 2013
The baddest drink of them all, only for pimps.
Hey ho! Get me some ribena before I slap yo' bitch ass.
by Redeye April 10, 2003
1. a large units of marijuana, usually in reference to a large distribution of them.
He's hustling money moving pines.
by RedEye July 28, 2005
when yer balls are on a bitches forehead
and she be suckin yer dick
heard that Nigga-'Rod got ball stalled by Paul
by RedeyE September 16, 2003
Adjective - To be so intoxicated that you just sit there and smile without a care.
Person A: "Nick! NICK!! Come on, man! Let's go!"

Person B: "Dude... leave him alone. He is totally peaced out."

Nick: "Hee hee.... huh...."
by RedEye September 20, 2005
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