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A television network founded in 1977 that was aimed mostly towards the younger / teen audience.

The prime of this network really hit it's peak in the early - late 90's, with amazing nicktoons, game shows, cartoons, and live action programs such as: The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Kenan and Kel, GAS, Double Dare, Salute Your Shorts, Wild and Crazy Kids, Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, and the Ren & Stimpy Show, to name a few. Kids of all ages enjoyed the network, and had the time of their lives visiting the official Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando Florida, where they can watch these programs live and even participate in the shows.

In the late 90's, something unpredictable happened. The Producers of Nickelodeon decided "Hey, these kids are having too much fun. Let's decide to fuck with their minds and ruin their childhood, and introduce a load of bullshit to the next generation of kids!" They then went on to cancel all the brilliant shows that was once the heart and soul of the network, and replace them with garbage "up to date" shows such as Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Naked Brothers Band, Dance on Sunset, and Avatar. These new garbage programs go absolutely no where and usually cancel after 1 season.

(in 2001, Nickelodeon made an awesome show and everybody thought it was making a come back. That show was Invader Zim. But to nobody's surprise, it was canceled after very few episodes because it was "too funny" and kids were "enjoying it")

The network and company itself had officially died in 2004, with the closing of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando Florida.

RIP Nickelodeon 1990 - 2004
Nickelodeon was once a great and cheerful kids network. Now it sucks balls.
by RedRelicify August 19, 2009

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