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The lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold. He is really hot and beautiful, just about as much as Zac Hanson who is the hottest man alive!
M. Shadows is really hot and if I ever meet him I am gonna take him to my room for a little while..or forever. And *drool*...
by RedNBlackDrummer August 27, 2004
The lead singer of Dementia says that is where she lives.
AKA Hell
AKA Beanerville *to u beans out there, Tara is 1/2 Mexican so she can say it..don't question it!*
So Tara where do you live?
Well I live in Hell..also known as Yuma, Arizona..or Beanerville.
Why do you call it that?
Well it is fuckin hot and we are getting invaded by Mexicans..they are taking over... BEAT THEM WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN!!! AND RUUUUN!!!!!
by RedNBlackDrummer August 27, 2004
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