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Generally considered one of the lesser of the final fantasy series's by most fans. Complaints usually come in terms of attacking the characters for all being about as interesting and motivated as cardboard, including the main character who mostly talks in the form of ellipsis, and a villain with unknown motives that just hovers like a scary ghost in the background but never really matters for the whole game. Really, the game might have been better off if all of the main characters were replaced with Tonberry's. Magic spells, which are normally a staple of final fantasy games, are only acquirable in FF8 by extracting them through either monsters, or from playing the card game. The story also suffers from a lack of creativity, and borrows many of the general plot lines from Final Fantasy 7.
~Final Fantasy 8 is generally considered a game with a couple of problems. It's the tortured adolescent of the series, starring a cast so drowned in angst that they probably should have taken some time off from saving the world to go in for a round of group therapy.

~(Cloud) Squall joins (Avalanche) Garden in order to go on a mission to stop (Shinra) The Government. Later, he becomes a body guard of (Aeris) Rinoa who falls in love with him. Soon, they discover a force much eviler than (Shinra) The Government, (Sephiroth) Edea! (Sephiroth kills Aeris) Ultimecia possesses Rinoa, so (Cloud) Squall goes after (him) her, he goes around the world trying to stop (him) her from bringing (the Meteor) time kompression. Then he finds the airship (Highwind) Ragnarok and goes to the (center of the world) end of time for the final battle. Afterward, he (mourns Aeris) saves Rinoa and everything is A-ok.
by RedDamascus February 14, 2010

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