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A homosexual who not only supports the American Republican party (i.e. a Log Cabin Republican, c.f.) but the radical Tea Party extremists, their candidates and policies, therein. Portmanteau of Tea Partier and Tea Dance, a mainly East Coast phenomenon of Gay nightclub dances held in the late afternoon, at teatime.
Aric: I fully support what the Governor has done to Public Employee Unions. Oh, and this is my, ahem, room-mate, Jared. We came to the costume party as yuppies... Easiest '80s costumes ever.

John: Ah, a "Tea Dance Republican". I should have realized when you were trolling for sympathy about your job firing people by the scores for your corporate masters. (eye roll, and walks away to talk to someone with more brains.)
by RedBeardSean October 29, 2012
A term that one imagines is a Southern fried version of its British cousin "Yankee-Doodle Dandy" and perhaps harks back to old class divisions in the Palmetto State. Upstart Liberal Presidential candidate, in the South Carolina Republican Primary.
Stephen Colbert was described as a "Charleston dandy" by a group of South Carolina moms doing a Town Hall.
by RedBeardSean January 18, 2012

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