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Poor, clueless drones with an unreasonable love for everything Sonic Team has released post-Dreamcast (see: shit). They tend to form bizarre cults and worship Sega's latest mindfuck (seriously, who the fuck is Big the Cat?). Naturally, they also gravitate towards other shitty things, such as Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, bad flash clones of established series and sweaty, greasy prepubescent girls.

Generally known to display a horrifying lack of intelligence.
Typical Sonicfag in daily situation: "Apparently, he came into Game Giant and asked for a 360, but they didn't have one, so he walked away, came back 5 minutes later, asked the same question, sneezed on the register and then annoyed another customer for 15 minutes or so."
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
Absolutely one of the greatest extreme metal bands to form in this decade. Phoenix Rising is a masterpiece of black/thrash fusion, and their other full-length albums (and the Violence is the Prince of This World EP) are equally stunning. Don't judge them by the rather cliché name; it's only there to repel those who can't handle real metal. Destroyer 666 accepts no quarter and offers no mercy. If you like this band, you are absolutely 100 percent metal.
Destroyer 666: I think I'm a wolf; then again I'm fucking crazy! I think what I need is a bitch, don't you?
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
Absolutely the fastest, most difficult, most ass-kicking, balls-smashing, amazing racing game ever fucking created. The graphics are stunning; some of the best on the Cube, even when you're rushing past them at 1200 km/h. Yeah, that's Mach 1.5 - and it feels like it. This game is badass beyond belief, the absolute best in the series and and a must-own if you have any real gaming sense.
Along with Contra and its numbered sequels, this is one of those games that you must play if you consider yourself a man.

The only reason to complain about F-Zero GX is if you're too much of a pansy to get past the second mission.
by Red the Ghost July 14, 2010
A type of punctuation most commonly used to separate related independent clauses. They're underused by the majority of the population; however, they are quite helpful and can be very versatile when implemented by a skilled writer.
I have written and submitted my defintion; I expect to be notified upon its addition to the site shortly.

Bitches don't know about my semicolons; but man, those bitches love 'em when they see 'em.
by Red the Ghost August 21, 2010
The slogan of L.A. band Dark Angel, whose album Darkness Descends was the pinnacle of 80s thrash (Dave Lombardo doesn't have shit on Gene Hoglan's drumming). Unarguably the most badass slogan in metal history, and very fitting, as few other bands have hit 286 bpm in a song, or kept up at 200bpm for over 8 minutes.
Some thrash bands' music is too fast. Dark Angel's is 'too fast, my ass.'
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
Rare ducks found only on golf courses in and around Arizona.
The Cosby Ducks: "I've got Jell-O puddin' on my beak again!"
by Red the Ghost June 27, 2010
Used to be a tech term for high-resolution monitors back before HDTV became commonplace. Now, it's just a trendy term that can be applied to anything to increase its desirability.
Apparently Lowe's has a wide selection of 'HD paint.' The term has since lost all merit.
by Red the Ghost August 21, 2010

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