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In reference to the North American Indian. Indian, from Indios. Abbreviated from the phrase “un gente in Dios” which translates to “a people in God” is a phrase used by Christopher Columbus to describe the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Columbus was searching for a trade route to the Orient. It is taught in the western public education system that Columbus had mistaken America for India and naturally thought he had encountered Indians. But, India was not yet a country. In the 15th century, India was Hindustan. He did not confuse the Indigenous peoples of the Americas with the Hindoos of Hundustan, but rather described them as human beings.

According to Canadian law, an Indian is a person who, pursuant to the Indian Act, is registered as an Indian or is entitled to be registered as an Indian. These Indians are, of course, the Indigenous peoples who live within the Dominion of Canada and not those from India. Contrary to Christopher Columbus’ belief, Indians in Canada are not human. They require an Act of Parliament to define what they are and what they can and cannot do.
The poor suffering White Man. Those Indians are a resilient bunch. How ever will he solve the Indian Problem?
by Red Wood August 03, 2008

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