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When a gay guy wants to fuck an extremely hot woman, he says this to justify himself
Ray: "...just aching to pounce on the supple brown flesh of your woman."
Cyril: "Shut up!"
Ray: "They are going to mess her up."
Cyril: "Why are you even here?!"
Ray: "Hello? (holds up ticket granting him "access" to Lana)"
Cyril: "But you're gay!"
Ray: "Girl, please. Nobody's that gay"
by Red Wins fan June 26, 2013
Abbreviation for 6-speed manual transmission.
This car is nice, but they don't sell one with a 6MT, which is a dealbreaker.
by Red Wins fan June 04, 2013
Commonly used in hockey, overtime territory is when a game is tied, late in the third period, and the team who scores to take the lead is almost guaranteed to win. There is so little time left in regulation, it is virtually impossible for the team that falls behind to tie the game again.
The Devils and Kings are in overtime territory, tied 1-1 with 30 seconds left in the 3rd.
by Red Wins Fan June 06, 2012

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