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3 definitions by Red Sock Ranger

-The official term for a Red Sox fan.

-One who claims they have the greatest team in baseball although they have taken a back seat to the Yankees their entire existence.

-A fag.

-Someone who likes the actual red sock.

-Someones whose team finally won a World Series after 80+ years, and now think they deserve to be considered as great as the Yankees.

-Someone with a small cock.

-A team of players from mostly Hispanic Descent.

-The team "Big Popi" the pipe smoker plays for. Sure he can hit home runs, but what else can he do?

-A big fag.

-Says I the red sock ranger
That Red Sux fan sure is a big fag with a small cock that likes a worthless team of loser spics.
by Red Sock Ranger August 11, 2006
A person who is in the habit of giving red sock to people. Usually a person who is a maintenance supervisor, and whos sexuality is in question.

May also like cats and bees.
C dub has another red sock again. That darned Red Sock Ranger needs to give him a break.
by Red Sock Ranger August 11, 2006
When a person is on the recieving end of enough anal sex that their anus changes from an "Innie" to an "Outtie". Gross!
Mom, Mitchell's red sock is clogging up the drain again.
by Red Sock Ranger August 11, 2006