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3 definitions by Red Riding hood

An ugly or unfortunate looking person; especially in the face.
Poor girl is so facially challenged, she'll be a virgin for life.
by Red Riding Hood April 07, 2006
Queen in spanish. A very pretty girl, usually a red-headed, very smart and well educated. Fun to be around. Caring and resourceful. Helps others out a lot. An amazing friend, very talented, artistic, loves to make music. Nice to every one. Silly, fun, and sweet. Haves own unique appeal. Loves attention, diplomatic, consoling. Friendly, and solves people`s problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous, suave and generous. Usually have many friends. Enjoys to make love. Emotional, good memory. Moving, motivates one`s self and others. Loves to travel and explore.Sometimes sexy in a way that their lover can understand. Most caring person, however, not the person you want to mess with. A great singer, very likely to become famous. Good person to talk to. a beautiful girl from her heart down to the very core of her soul.
Girl`s name. Raynah, Raina, Rhaina, Rainah.
by Red Riding hood October 11, 2013
A fuckin' bad to the ass muthafucka that likes to go commando & is charming as crap. I hate him for that...I can't wait to meet this guy in person so we can drink Jolt and have a crazy wild night of...playing checkers.
You is fine as crap...but you aint no JOE PEEP!
by Red Riding Hood March 28, 2006