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1. Noun. Gusset bunting is the large flaps of labia that sometimes protrude from the edges of a girls thong or knickers (especially if said underwear is far too small for the female.)

Named after the traditional British flags draped about during times of national celebration.
1."Christ I thought that Josie was fit until I went down on her and stumbled across a veritable street party of gusset bunting decorating her panties!!!"
by Red Five October 17, 2005
1. (noun) A young buck, annoying Probby
2. (noun) useless extreme sportsman who hurts himself more than Mr Bean in a minefield.
3. A rallying cry of support for any remotely extreme physical exertion / phenomena
1. Piss off and stop bugging me Xtreem
2. Wooah did you see how that Xtreem mashed himself up when he tried to jump over 24 double decker buses on his mountain bike?"
3. "woah did you see that awesome olly?? Xtreeeeem!!"
by Red Five October 17, 2005
To feign a prolonged illness to avoid work at all costs. Elaborate illnesses such as broken ribs and liver failure are top drawer examples...
Dude, Ray is pulling a grade A Bolter - He told the skipper that his liver and kidneys have packed in and he's on daily dialysis!!!
by Red Five October 17, 2005
a gay man. A homosexual. (Cockney Rhyming Slang) Army Hummer = Bummer
look at you mincing...you Army Hummer!!
by Red Five October 17, 2005

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