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A foreign car that losers like to put really big tires on and think they are cool.
T ake
O ff
Y our
O versized
T ires
A ss hole
by Red Dog August 17, 2005
good no danger free of harm
at the party we wooodie with the drinks
by Red dog October 29, 2003
Hardly anyone writes letters these days so instead of a pen pal we now have E-mail pals.
Sally: It really sucks that you're moving to Europe, i'll miss you so much. Will you write me?

Frank: Write you! No way but we can be e-pals.

by Red Dog February 09, 2006
A city just north of Santa Barbara, CA named Goleta (Go-Lee-ta). It is just as pretty as SB but isn't over populated yet so it's very peaceful. People who live there are really nice and most of them are stoners. Our team name is Goleta Green Bowl Packers!
G-town is way better than the rich bitch snobby town Santa Barbara.
by Red Dog July 29, 2005
Doors that open the oposite way than they usually do. Used in the 1930's by gangsters because they could easily hang out of their car with their tommy guns and shoot at the vehicle that was following them.
In the movie Dick Tracy they use vehicles with suicide doors.
by Red Dog September 23, 2005
When a bowl (of marijuana) is all ash.
You:(passing a pipe or bong) I thinks it's ash hole, you might want to check.

Friend: Yep it sure is, i'm not smoking that crap!
by Red Dog August 15, 2005
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