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A company that once enjoyed being cool without effort; but now relies on that old coolness for meager profits.
That's a trendy apple computer, Bill
by Reckless Rambler July 05, 2003
I gotta say, Who Fucker or whatever, you sound fairly um.. "dumb", one might say? But the internets fucking crazy. how many people would die if it ended tomorrow?
Scrabble are an gooding game.
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003
This word has nothing to do with the feces of chickens.
You, sir, are a chicken shit.
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003
Dairy product, not to be confused with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter.
Barbara, it was like buddha!
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003

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