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An xbox live clan that has insane numbers of zombies (botnets) and they use them to boot people offline. Their clan has an all star team of "online gangsters" from known clans like o InFam0uS o, HosT gOt BooTeD, TsGh, Anonymous, etc. They also jack xbox live accounts and charge up the credit cards on the account. The leader is known for doing storm-DDoS attacks on major servers like VPN's, Game Servers, etc.
This clan claims their only beef is with people who talk trash to them. This clan is associated with big xbox clans like TsGh/Ln0/n01d/InFam0uS/HgB/Anonymous. Most people quit right away. There profiles usually have #ro0ted in them. They're also known for doxing the victims website, ISP, their gamertag, just whatever they can really.
Frank: Hey man what did you do to my xbox live account? I can't sign in.

Mike: Oh that kid got rooted lolz

Frank: what the fucks rooted?

Mike: Kid you got rooted by #ro0ted a known clan full of jackers, booters, swatters..
by RebornIzBacK April 15, 2011

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