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Potato wedges fried in boiling fat, smothered in solidified fat, and usually consumed after being dipped in liquid fat (or Fry Sauce)
Rebecca: "I'm craving cheese fries like none other..."
Caitlyn: "It's because they infuse their cheese with cocaine."
by Rebeshka April 09, 2008
-noun (Kay'k Sly's):
A friend of possible love interest in comparison to a slice of cake.

For example, in the same way that one does not necessarily crave a piece of cake, a girl would not necessarily pursue her friend of possible love interest. Moreover, one also would not refuse a slice of cake if offered, even if one might not necessarily crave it. In this sense, the girl would gladly accept a date from this possible more-than-friend, but would not necessarily pursue it.

Ere go, a Cake Slice.
"I totally flirted with this Cake Slice in fifth hour today."


"And there's still those moments where I'm so sure he's into me, but then he'll turn around and I'll have those moments where I'm so sure he's not. Effing Cake Slices..."
by Rebeshka February 04, 2009

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