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A small hick town in southern Oregon. Biggest Attraction in the town is the Family Fun Center, sadly. Home of the Crater Comets, pretty much the worst football team in the state, but best wrestling team in the state. Other big attractions of this rural town include a small skate park, a bunch of tractors, Albertsons, three to four corner markets, and an alley known as Stoner's Alley where, you guessed it, a bunch of people smoke.
Dude 1: "I live in Central Point."
Dude 2: "Oh that sucks, I'm sorry, do you have a cow?"
by Rebel_Tin November 14, 2005
A magical place where you can witness many strange particles of knowledge. Such as to never touch a crossdressing stripper's purse, never. That just because an ancient pimp and a cowboy look alike, they won't always get along. The city bus is a great place to meet people, normal or other. If you walk to different places, sometime you should try the city bus, you will probably get a good story out of it. Beware of drunken homeless people though.
I chose the city bus and got robbed! Yay angry neo nazis!
by Rebel_Tin December 09, 2005
1. Something very very old.
2. Word not commonly used anymore, more so in old literature, or by ancient librarians.
3. Smarter sounding word for ancient.
4. See the first definition about the hacker.
5. Something to call your grandparents when you're really mad at them.
6. A word that will give you brown nose points with your English Teacher.
1. " My this building is archaic."
2. " Let us go hither into the archaic woods."
3. " I said archaic instead of ancient and got an A."
4. " Archaic the government hacker is hardcore."
5. " Yeah, well go screw yourself you archaic ball of wrinkles!"
6. " I said archaic to my teacher and she smiled and told me to go to my seat."
by Rebel_Tin November 30, 2005
Browse for tub girl on Google, it is really mostly about asians pooing on themeselves,(naked), it's a very....gross style of porn. Mostly asians do this act....thus the name lee porn. This word is also used to describe something disgusting or less than good. So it is both a noun and an adjective.
1. My friend Joe pointed at the turd on the ground and exclaimed:"That is sooo lee porn!"

2. The boy was caught looking at lee porn by his mother, uh-oh.
by Rebel_Tin May 12, 2006

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