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or RVS. A syndrome where you cannot go a certain amount of time without having sex. If you do, your vagina gets restless. As seen on David Spade's "The Show Biz Show"
Paris Hilton was released from jail because of an unknown medical condition. It was later revealed that she was suffering from a severe case of Restless Vagina Syndrome.
#vagina #sex #restless #whore #rvs
by RebeccaLynne June 15, 2007
Being more of a redneck than someone else.
I have 4 cars on my lawn, and you only have 2. Therefore, I am rednecker than you are.
#redneck #white trash #red neck #trashy #hick
by RebeccaLynne August 16, 2007
An imaginary Polish monster made up to scare kids.
The Groomba is coming out tonight!
#monster #polish #groombah #imaginary #groom-ba
by RebeccaLynne March 08, 2007
Not completely a Jew, maybe not even a Jew, but they act like one or look like one, therefore they are just Jew-ish.
That's very Jew-ish of you.
#jew #jewish #jew-ish #sarah silverman #jewy
by RebeccaLynne March 08, 2007
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