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4 definitions by Rebal the Lorikeet

Something that you do for interactivity, not for looking at graphics. Who cares for graphics? Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic are great and their graphics suck!
I like to play with a video game, not a DVD player.
by Rebal the Lorikeet May 31, 2005
A good friend of mine is one. They are grey, pudgy and cuddly. My owner also talks to this bird sometimes and feeds her peanuts.
Nikki the African Grey likes to fly to the curtain.
by Rebal the Lorikeet April 11, 2006
A rip-off of Arby's. They serve papaya sandwiches, drinks, fries, and other things that lorikeet parrots would like.
Hey, wanna go to Arbal's?
by Rebal the Lorikeet May 31, 2005
Something that you look at and you will never have a girlfriend/wife in your entire life again. Why not just have real sex instead? Not with a hooker, but with your gf/wife.
Porn sucks! I hate it! Go away, evil demon of gayness!
by Rebal the Lorikeet June 16, 2005