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2 definitions by Reamer

Being able to drink either Coca-Cola or Pepsi without complaining like a little bitch
What would you like to drink?
Pepsi, please.
Coke ok?
Yeah, whatever.
by Reamer August 23, 2003
A Girl who is very sexy, so sexy that the sight of her gives you a big red Clifford muttroom tip.
She has perky tits with nice pink nipples, firm round ass, a spectacular snatch
and a mouth that makes you want to fuck the shit out of her face while doing squealies at BP in Oakura.
Last night I got lucky with a da-da-dayum Squesha. She worked wonders on my muttroom with her mouth and box.
I don't think anyone will ever give me an erection unless it was that squesha from last night
by reamer November 21, 2013