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1 definition by ReallyHatesFlorida

North Central Florida "city," home to the most retarded hicks on the planet. They can't help it, though, as they are so severely inbred. The fact that their eyes are so close together in their heads and so many of them have the same last name will attest to this. Gainesville teenagers who think they're sophisticated refer to the city as "Lamesville," however they have little to compare it to as most of them have never been north of the Georgia state line. The most retarded hick in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York is nowhere nearly as retarded as the most retarded hick in Gainesville.

The University of Florida is Gainesville's claim to fame. It is a very tiny island in a very large sea of stupidity. If you want to have an intelligent conversation don't go anywhere far from these places.

Gainesville is a lousy place to find a mate with all his or her teeth whose parents weren't brother and sister. The University of Florida is no place to find a mate while you're there or a decent job after you graduate. Don't expect recruiters to salivate when they see "University of Florida" on your resume. If you are over 25 and have a triple-digit IQ prepare to spend a lot of lonely evenings. All the people over 30 were either born there and don't know any better or are losers who couldn't hack it in DC, New York or Miami.
Gainesville: where family trees do not fork
by ReallyHatesFlorida July 24, 2010