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Lies and fabricated truths spread to sway public opinion.
The "non-fiction real life journal of a teenage girl", "Go Ask Alice" is anti-drug propaganda, as the author who claimed to have found the book wrote it herself.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
Fascism in the form of a message forum for fans of the television show Degrassi. You are sorted into a clique that you can't change. The three cliques are the rebels, populars and the musicians. The mods are robotic and lock every post if it violates the Code of Conduct. Full of 11-25 year old retards who like to chat in the shoutbox and make retarded banners with zero photoshop skills. You can buy glowing usernames in the user store and whore yourself out for points in the shoutbox. The mods train the members to asskiss as much as possible.
YoYo13453: Hey, what are you doing?
SmileyGurlWhoA: im on dergassib-arods lol im so proud of my clique!! woo populars spirit week!!!
YoYo13453: I haven't been there in a while, not after one of the mods PMed me and told me to take my banner down.
YoYo13453: Um... what?
SmileyGurlWhoA: yay go popularzzz! lol lol :):):):)


I'm sorry, but your post is missing important information. Read the fanfic forum rules and then PM I or one of the mods to open this thread up again. Sorry! :)


Your banner is past regulation size, therefore you shall die. ;) EMAN 4 LIFE Y'ALLZ!
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
A television station, usually channel 2, with educational programs and the occasional kid's cartoon.
I was on PBS because they filmed my English class.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
Ugly greek theatre nerd masquerading as a "rocker dude" on American Idol. Wears too-small leather jackets, strategically ripped jeans and an onyx ring. Has zero singing talent but his staring and "eyefucking" the camera makes you forget that.
Don't vote for Constantine Maroulis. He has neck fat, a butt chin, and he doesn't wash his hair
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005

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