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There is hardly anything complimentary to say about this town. There are rarely any fun events to attend. It is very uncultured, poor, dirty, and is definitely not showing any signs of improvement. The air stinks with pollution from the high traffic, an open slew of stagnant water and sewage winds throughout all of Olympia, most of the neighborhoods are rundown, and there is a high rate of drugs, crime, assault, STDs, and sex offenders/child molesters.

The majority of people that live in Olympia are very trashy. Most people start out in life with a teenage pregnancy or two, drop out of highschool, maybe get into drugs, catch an STD, and learn to scam the system and live off SSI, foodstamps, HUD, and etc. since they have no education or job and no ambition to get one.

In general, an Olympia person loves drama and has a pack mentality; a very bad combination that causes them to keep that highschool drama queen/king personality through adulthood of judging others, always believing they're right, and hating anyone who's different or seemingly better than they are........all with the support of their pack of friends.

However, there are some respectable people in Olympia of course; even if they're living situations make them appear like the rest.
Something that happened to me before I left Olympia:

Olympia chick: Hey b*tch! I don't like you! Don't look at me like that! I'll kick you're ass!

Me: Errr.....what? Who are you? I don't think I remember you.

Olympia chick: Shut up! You stay away from my man! He and my friends say you've been flirting with him and a bunch of other guys. He doesn't want your herpes you nasty ho! So back off!

Me: Ha Ha! What are you talking about? I only chatted with him for a couple minutes at the party and I am not a prostitute with herpes. You and your friends need to get your facts straight.

*I walk away shaking my head*

Olympia chick: Blah blah.....that's right you better run away!.....blah blah......I'll kick your ass........blah blah.

*I continue walking* Damn....I'm leaving Olympia, Washington and going back to Longview, Washington.
by Realizt April 24, 2011

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