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Pussy on a pedestal is a phrase most idiotic people picked up from the feature film '40 Year Old Virgin.' The true meaning to pussy on a pedestal is meant to be ironic and literative. Pussy on a pedestal is simply the act of making a woman's 'vagina' as something too sacred, when in fact, it's nothing but a piece of meat/organ that a man sticks his meat in and grinds to achieve an orgasm, in the literal sense of the meaning and the film interpretation. It is, as the Clinic Dad appreciates his son for using a woman's 'pussy' as something very easily attainable like an ordinary good, nothing but something very plain and mediocre as such only to be idealized by their primary holders: women themselves and people who have nothing better to do than to ponder about an organ that just gets shriveled and old when the woman is 70.
Man 1: Man...a woman's pussy is so amazing. It's a 'gift' from god.
Man 2: If it was a gift from god, then virgins like Mary wouldn't be so highly revered
Man 1: It's just something sacred, and beautiful and shows love and passion
Man 2: You're just putting the pussy on a pedestal. It's nothing but a piece of meat that you just grind in and empty your balls with.
by RealistManNoBS April 19, 2009
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