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Used to be popular in the 80's - 90's WWF, even though he was as talented and a retarded stick, he couldn't even speak a coherent sentence or speak clearly and he tired himself out as he ran to the ring.

He is a homophobe and think his opinions are the only correct ones. He's also a complete douchebag.

He now owns a YouTube channel and uses it to promote his

"One Warrior Nation" movement that promotes the belief that your life is inferior, and his is so fucking awesome. He also used this channel to attack Hulk Hogan, after he talked shit about the legendary Randy Savage, however Hoagn is probably even a bigger douchebag than Warrior, brother.

Warrior's methods of doing videos are:

1) Working out 'till he turns purple (The steroids)

2) Shouting arrogant shit at his iPhone while it's recording

3) Finishing with a completely random, plagiarized motto/slogan to try and motivate you to make your life as good as he thinks his is.
Bob: Hey look, a new Ultimate Warrior video! *Watches* What a dick
by RealWrestlingFan October 25, 2011
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