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Someone so beyond "understanding" the real meaning you can actually hear the wind woosching through or over their head. Person needs handed their ID10T form.
That dude is driving a pimped out Escalade with a "What Would Buddha Do Sticker." - Buddha wouldn't drive an Escalade - Doosch!
by RealWhirled October 21, 2010
VERB; Meaning to utter, speak or proclaim; speak using Urban Dictionary as source.
Did you Ud'r a word? Yes I did and if you want to spell check it boss, please go to Urban Dictionary;)
by RealWhirled October 21, 2010
Adjective - used to describe a chickenshit or one with chickening out tendencies.
Usually someone so beefy isn't so chickeny.
by RealWhirled May 17, 2010
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